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We loved the original TV series Lost in Space (1965-1968), so we’re keen to see what Netflix does with their updated 10-part version. The streaming channel just released a first look trailer (below) — and revealed the premiere date: April 13, 2018.

Last year it was announced that “Indie It Girl” Parker Posey would take on the role of the devious Dr. Zachary Smith, and, since then, the actors who’ll portray the Robinson family have been confirmed. Toby Stephens plays Professor John Robinson, Molly Parker takes on the role of Maureen Robinson, Taylor Russell is Judy Robinson, Mina Sundwall plays Penny Robinson , and Max Jenkins will star as young genius, Will Robinson.

In keeping with the original show’s storyline, Earth is on the verge of being unlivable in the new sci-fi series. The Robinson family has been selected to head to a habitable planet and spearhead colonization, except… they get lost.

GPS won’t help, because they are light-years lost:

If you watched the whole trailer then you might have caught what is perhaps the original show’s most memorable catchphrase — “Danger Will Robinson” — right at the end. With that said, there’s been no mention of the robot, friend to the youngest Robinson, who originally uttered those words. But, we do hear him… so, we can expect some A.I. in the Netflix series.

In case you missed it the first time around, here’s what we’re referring to:

In the updated version, the Robinsons, Dr. Smith and Don West (Ignacio Serricchio), a skilled contractor onboard their ship, are forced to make an emergency landing. But, where?

The Netflix show page includes a look at what is presumably the planet they crash onto. And actually, it doesn’t look that bad! We see grass, mountains, a setting sun and two moons:

(Photo: Netflix)

You can look for Lost in Space on Netflix this spring.

Does the trailer help you get a feel for the new series?

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By Brigid Brown