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The Super Bowl isn’t just a spectacular sporting event but also a big day for movie fans to get a first look at footage for their favorite franchises, like the much-anticipated Solo: A Star Wars Story.

We’d like to point out, there is another movie, that isn’t going to happen, actually, that also caught our attention.

You may have seen some buildup over the past few weeks for a Crocodile Dundee sequel coming out this summer, starring Danny McBride (Eastbound & Down) as Mick Dundee’s (Paul Hogan) American son.

There was even a trailer released for the faux film at the start of 2018:

We can’t blame people for getting amped over this, with the original ’80s films being such crowd-pleasers and McBride as Dundee Jr. seeming like such a good fit. But, just yesterday (February 4), a longer trailer came out, also featuring Australian actors Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Margot Robbie (Suicide Squad), Hugh Jackman (The Greatest Showman), and Russell Crowe (The Nice Guys) revealing the true purpose of the spoof footage…. we’ll give you a hint: notice all of the actors, minus McBride, hail from Australia:

Surely, it’s all adding up by this point. The search for Mick Dundee isn’t a premise for a film, but a reason for the group of A-list actors to get together to help support Australian tourism, i.e. a commercial. And, be sure not to miss, Paul Hogan makes a surprise cameo, reprising his role as the original Dundee (01:17).

The thing is, their non-reboot of the Crocodile Dundee films is so good, it’s gotten fans into a tizzy, left wanting more. There’s an online petition making the rounds, via #BringBackDundee, started by the Australian-based NT News:

This Aussie initiative has gone full-circle, creating excitement, followed by confusion, and what could be deemed understandable disappointment… and, back to excitement that this might just happen (the power of the internet is strong).

This “maybe” might become a movie if writer-director Judd Apatow (Knocked Up) has anything to do with it:

Do you think this Dundee short is good enough to be made into a feature? 

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By Brigid Brown