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Taron Egerton made his international breakthrough in 2014’s action flick Kingsman: The Secret Service, starring opposite Colin Firth. He reprised his role as the street kid-turned-spy for the 2017 sequel, Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

Now, he’s branching out, portraying the classic folk hero in 2018’s Robin Hood. Of course, we all know the story of the charming outlaw who robbed from the rich and gave to the poor.

Here’s a first look at Egerton as Robin Hood via Twitter:

Egerton had a handful of on-screen credits before Kingsman, popping up in two episodes of Inspector Lewis in 2013 and starring in the TV series The Smoke (2014). He landed roles in the films Testament of Youth (2014) and Eddie the Eagle (2016). It seems his roles are getting progressively more substantial as he moves through his career.

The upcoming film is being produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, and the official description says, it’s being given a “gritty spin.” It’s pretty gritty to begin with: Robin and his merry men live in a forest (i.e. dirt floor) so, we’re keen to see what DiCaprio’s take on gritty translates to in the upcoming production.

We can also look for Jamie Dornan (The Fall) playing Will Scarlet and Jamie Foxx taking on the role of Little John. The Sheriff of Nottingham, made famous by Alan Rickman in 1991’s Prince of Thieves, will be portrayed by Ben Mendelsohn (Ready Player One).

Mendelsohn has some serious medieval boots to fill…

While there have been many adaptations of this classic story, including TV, film and books, there’s no one creator, because the stories are based on a real person. The History channel provides a nice summary of its origins, going back almost 700 years when Robin was mentioned in 14th and 15th century ballads.

The legend of Robin Hood has evolved over the years, but maintains the original framework in the retellings, with Robin living in Nottinghamshire’s Sherwood Forest and having the support of his merry men. And, of course, we can’t leave out the fact that he has the hots for the Lady Maid Marian. She appears to be out of his league, but even a noblewoman can fall for the “bad boy” type. Marian will be played by Eve Hewson (The Knick).

The original release date was set for September 21 of this year, but it’s been pushed back and will now premiere around Thanksgiving, hitting theaters on November 21, reports Seems like good timing to us…

Do you have a favorite Robin Hood adaptation? 

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By Brigid Brown