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Welcome to this week’s Doctor Who’s Day roundup, a rummage through the past seven days on the internet and social media to unearth fragments of fan creativity, news and gossip concerning a certain runaway Gallifreyan and his chums.

And we begin this week with fans who have alighted upon the app Mug Life as a way to animate photographs, particularly some iconic still photos from Doctor Who. So, for example, here’s the official shot of the Thirteenth Doctor in which she appears to move:

And here’s the Master trying to be down with the kids:

This animated Ninth Doctor is radiant:

While the Second Doctor looks a bit more disheveled:

Ah! That’s better:

And it works on Silurians too:

This is just icky:

Whereas this fan-animation takes things to another level entirely:

Here’s what else has been going on in space and time this week:

• The Fourth Doctor flies again:

Pearl Mackie on Bill Potts — Rolemodel:

• And being a Cyberman:

Steven Moffat has a new Doctor Who monster that’ll probably never appear:

• And here’s a fan trailer for his tenure as show-runner:

• While the U.K. is enjoying a cold snap, here’s some snowmen:

• Good writing leaves echoes:

• The Twelfth Doctor, ablaze:

• How many control rooms does a TARDIS need?

• Speaking of interior decor:

• Future Doctors look back (with an amended script):

• And some of it was quite hot:

• The Daleks invade Doctor Who Magazine:

• And London, albeit artistically:

• A fan-trailer for the Seventh Doctor:

• There’s a crack in my… car:

• Forgot About Who, anyone?

• And how many weeks of winter does that mean?

• Thirteen looking to the future:

• More First Doctor Adventures coming soon:

• Perfect for the Junior Brigadier in your life:

• A fan-made score for the arrival of the Thirteenth Doctor:

• That’s how you can spot the ones that aren’t actually TARDISes:

• Old-school fan art:

• And to finish this week, how about this wonderful clip from 2006, in which Christopher Eccleston is quizzed in the BBC Junior Mastermind chair by a young fan:


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By Fraser McAlpine