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Welcome to this week’s Doctor Who’s Day roundup, a unconventional convention bringing together the cream of the week’s Whovian news, social media and other bits and bobs in a great big colorful ball of wow.

And this week is dominated by fan reactions to the Gallifrey One convention, which took place in Los Angeles over the weekend:

Steven Moffat was there:

David Bradley was there:

Rachel Talalay were there:

Matt Lucas was there:

Jemma Redgrave was there:

• And the Seventh Doctor, Ace and Benny:

• Naturally, the cosplayers had a field day:

• That’s right, they’re cosplaying gags from the show now:

• Tiny cosplay never looked cuter:

• There was a sad note, however:

• But a Tiki Dalek, though:

• And in the end, this beats everything that ever happened. Ever:

Here’s what else has been going on in space and time this week:

• A trailer for The First Doctor Adventures:

• A moving moment from Whovian history:

• This is Ace:

• Bloodied, but not beaten:

• Titan Comics have a trailer for their multi-Doctor epic The Lost Dimension:

• Thirteen is glowing:

• River Song meets the Fifth Doctor:

• Ten into Five equals Twelve?

• Twelve’s darkest hour:

• And finally, let’s end this week with a couple of fan-made title sequences for the Thirteenth Doctor:


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By Fraser McAlpine