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Gerard Butler‘s gritty crime drama Den of Thieves was just released last month (January 18). It hasn’t even finished its run in theaters and is already getting a follow-up, reports Deadline.

In the original film, Butler takes on the role of “Big Nick” O’Brien, the team leader of an elite unit of the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department. He and his fellow officers are after a group of bank robbers. It appears there’s a heist in the works, with the thieves eyeing the Federal Reserve Bank in downtown Los Angeles.

Why this tricky target? These criminally-ambitious fellas like a challenge and are, “Trading up.”

If you missed it the first time around, here’s a look at the robbers as they plan their heist by casing the joint from the inside:

Butler reunited with London Has Fallen screenwriter Christian Gudegast for Den of Thieves. Gudegast both wrote and directed the film — his directorial debut. Apparently, the film did so well at the box office, grossing $57M and counting, Gudegast is back for a second go.

It’s not just Butler and Gudegast who are returning for the sequel; we can also look for Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson in the sequel.

In Den of Thieves 2, the chase is on, with the cat and mouse game moving to Europe. O’Brien is on the trail of diamond thieves and the infamous Panther mafia, according to the film’s description.

We can also look for Butler as Mike Banning in the next installment of the Fallen seriesAngel Has Fallen. The film is in pre-production, and does not yet have a release date.

If you now have Gerard Butler on the brain and want some more, here he is showing off his lighter, silly side by “translating” Scottish terms for the rest of us:

It being Valentine’s Day and all, we’re going to throw in a Butler “bonus” clip. Check him out as the romantic lead in The Ugly Truth, opposite Katherine Heigl.

There’s definitely some “action” in this film, too, but of an entirely different kind…

What is your favorite Gerard Butler role to date?

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By Brigid Brown