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Are you in the mood for a little shock and a lot of laughs this afternoon? Because that’s exactly what you’ll get when you play the clip below. It shows John Boyega and Gwendoline Christie facing the Vanity Fair Fear Box.

If it’s not quite clear what a “Fear Box” is, here’s the deal: basically VF calls on public figures, like YouTuber Liza Koshy, to step up to a box that contains undisclosed contents. The celebs are asked to put their hands in the box to see if they can identify what exactly they’re being blindly introduced to.

In this case, the brave famous folk are Star Wars: The Last Jedi co-stars Boyega and Christie. They take turns, with one of the pair knowing but not revealing what’s inside. Boyega goes first and though Christie is allowed to give some hints, they’re not particularly helpful: “I would advise… you don’t need both hands… really, but gently.” He’s left a little confused…

We, however, understand exactly what she means by “gently.” Because from this end we can totally see what he’s getting himself into. He’s about to handle two baby bearded dragons. Naturally, Christie’s warning him not to hurt the “contents” of the box, what with them being alive and all.

Boyega’s response is priceless. When he finally makes contact with a dragon, he exclaims, “You moved back!” Aaaand, he quickly guesses that the tiny animal was a newt. Even when he came finally comes face-to-face with the lizard-like creatures, he’s dead set on them being newts. He was close!

Christie tried to throw him off course a little, telling him he’s about to touch cloth. Her tactic may have been shortsighted as, guess what, she’s up next. And Boyega, still shaken from his “newt” encounter, takes his revenge. No more Mr. Nice Guy!

And, it works. Christie is terrified, screeching alarmingly, “I don’t want to go in the box! Ahhhhh!!!! It’s really frightening to put your hand in the box!”

And, what was Christie met with? A rosy boa, which is a tiny, non-poisonous snake.

The pair continued to take turns putting their hands in the box, but Vanity Fair took it easy on them from this point, possibly fearing they maybe have to call out an EMT if the hysteria continued. Which, sadly for us viewers, means the rest of the contents is a lot more tame. We say, bring back the reptiles.

We do, however, congratulate these two consummate professionals on keeping it clean while expressing their profound horror, making this video delightfully work safe and sharable.

Are you tempted to get some friends together and play a few rounds of Fear Box? 

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By Brigid Brown