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Claire Foy returns for the highly-anticipated second season of The Crown this week (December 8), opposite Doctor Who‘s Matt Smith. And, as you know, this is her last run as Queen Elizabeth II in the period drama, with Olivia Colman stepping in to depict her Majesty as she continues her reign, easing into middle age.

Foy starred in Wolf Hall and Upstairs Downstairs prior to The Crown, but the BBC/Netflix co-production has really put her on the map. AND on the talk show circuit for that matter.

With this career-changing role has come some legit “wow” moments, which we’ll expand on below:

1. Her reaction to wearing the crown
It’s one thing to portray the Queen but it’s quite another to feel like the Queen. How does an actress achieve such a feat? For Foy it was donning one specific “accessory” — the crown. In the interview below, she explains the sensation of wearing the royal headgear in the coronation scene: “It felt very at one with God.” Foy goes on to describe the moment as Elizabeth transitioning from being “just a woman” to “God’s chosen person on Earth.” Heavy stuff!

2. She hugged a stranger at a chip shop
Foy is a great storyteller, which she demonstrates delightfully on The Graham Norton Show, relaying a friendly run-in with a fan. Host Graham Norton asks the actress about fans’ reactions when she’s spotted out and about, saying, “You get quite an emotional reaction from fans, don’t you?” Foy points out that it’s not all fans, but one specific lady she met in a chip shop. The woman had just been on a date and was telling Foy about her meetup while they waited for their battered cod… it took a minute for it to click that she was chatting up one of her favorite actresses. And, when it did sink in, the tears came. Foy sweetly comforted the fan and reveals, “we cuddled.” Aw!

3. Her embarrassing run-in with Kate Winslet
Foy swung by Jimmy Kimmel Live! earlier this year, to have Jimmy Kimmel predict she would win the Best Actress in a Television Drama category at the 2017 Golden Globes. She explains that she was a little nervous about attending the ceremony because, in her own words, “I’ve never not embarrassed myself.” “Oh good, let’s go through the times you’ve done that,” replies Kimmel, helpfully. To illustrate her point, she gives us the example of the first time she met fellow actress Kate Winslet. Winslet’s publicist wasn’t too keen on Foy introducing herself, but Foy’s friend, who was a little tipsy at the time, had her mind set on making it happen…

4. She herself was wowed after winning a Golden Globe
Kimmel’s instincts were spot on, because Foy did indeed take home the award that night. Here, shortly after her win, Jimmy Fallon asks her what it was like. She describes the moment as “surreal” and reveals that she had no speech prepared as she truly did not expect to win. In the event, she was so thrilled that maybe she went into shock, which funnily enough can be seen in the post-victory photos in the below clip (1:28). Those must go on the mantle.

5. Her mastering the Queen’s voice and inflection
If you’ve yet to watch any of The Crown, then get on it, because season two is upon us! And the rumors about Foy’s greatness in the lead role are not over-exaggerated, which is astounding when you consider the pressure that come with portraying not only a real-life person, but one who’s currently the ruler of Great Britain. She does a magnificent job of capturing the Queen’s mannerisms and her crisp way of speaking, barely opening her mouth when delivering her lines.

6. Her appreciation for corgis
Of course, credit goes to the actors who take on the royal family roles in The Crown. But, as Foy tells chat show host Stephen Colbert, she thinks the true stars of the show are the many corgis who play, well, corgis. The Queen famously favors this dog breed and has owned more than 30 during her reign. Here Foy describes them as all being “very different in character and temperament.” Also, fun fact, as revealed by Foy: they love cheese. Who knew?

7. She confirms blondes really do have more fun
On a more personal note, Foy has switched hair colors for roles and gives us some background on the myth that “blondes have more fun.” When chatting with Fallon during another visit to his show, she explains that it is, in fact… true! Well, not exactly, but she did feel like people were “nicer” to her and smiled more when she sported platinum tresses. She also explains being a blonde is hard upkeep so she went back to being a brunette, adding jokingly that people now treat her “horribly” as a non-blonde.

8. She quibbles with Andrew Garfield over love at first sight
In addition to The Crown, Foy also found time to star in the 2017 film Breathe, opposite Andrew Garfield. The two portray real-life couple Robin and Diana Cavendish, who became advocates for the disabled when Robin contracted polio, paralyzing him from the neck down at the age of 28. The two actors sat down for a press interview and the concept of “love at first sight” was thrown into the mix. Foy leans more toward believing in “lust at first sight,” while Garfield thinks the soul “knows things that we don’t.” Foy’s quizzical expressions, and a little bit of an eye roll, may have gone unnoticed by Garfield… but not by us!

Will you be having afternoon tea when tuning into The Crown this weekend? 

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