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Advice is free for a reason, right? But when it comes to Charlie Brooker, the mind behind the mind-bending sci-fi series Black Mirror, we’ll take it.

He talked to RadioTimes about what works for him these days and what might work for new writers, expounding on two tips.

The first concept he suggests might take some getting used to. It turns out, Brooker stands while he writes. Woah, he’s working out his brain and quads. He goes into detail on how this came to be, saying, “My advice at the moment would be to write standing up! That’s the thing I’ve started doing recently. Once I know what the storyline is, I do the first draft standing up.”

He seems to think it may help cut down on procrastinating, with the position taking some effort, saying, “Because it’s slightly uncomfortable you don’t waste time Googling stuff, basically. You just get on with it. So that would be one piece of advice.”

The second tip will most likely resonate with new and seasoned writers, with Brooker saying, “Bear in mind that the first draft of anything is always TERRIBLE, basically.”

He elaborates: “You just have to keep going. It’s called the puke draft, or the vomit draft, that first draft. You just have to keep going.”

With his eyes shifting back and forth, he says, “Then there’s all sorts of nonsense I could say, that might be, helpful (insert side eye), to people…” He kind of drifts off, so, we’ll stick with the two concrete tips he’s committed to.

You can check out the interview — quirky facial expressions and all — in the below clip:

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Are you doing squat thrusts about now, before getting ready to write? 

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By Brigid Brown