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Some things are sacred in the U.K. There’s The Queen, natch. A nice cup of tea. The Antiques RoadshowMarmite. And, most importantly of all, the one, the only, Mary Berry.

Clearly Girl On a Train star Emily Blunt didn’t get the memo. She was SNL host on Saturday night (October 15), and part of her appearance involved a parody of The Great British Bake Off, the latest British import to take America by storm.

She played “Brielle,” who, alongside Cecily Strong as “Paisley”, made up a two-woman baking team who say they’re from “the only town who unanimously voted for the Brexit”:

(Image: NBC)
(Image: NBC)

Hosts Mel and Sue looked… different:

(Image: NBC)
(Image: NBC)

While Kate McKinnon and Beck Bennett played “Mary Berry” and “Paul Hollywood” respectively:

(Image: NBC)

Some people loved the skit:

…Though not everyone watching recognized the show being parodied:

On the other side of the pond, however, there was outrage of the kind not seen since Dick Van Dyke skipped among the chim-chim-i-neys in Mary Poppins:

Intrigued? You can watch the whole thing here:

What do you think? Is this a showstopper or soggy bottom?

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By Kat Sommers
Kat is a freelance writer for Anglophenia.