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We’re so glad you took the time to take the quiz. We’re guessing you’d like to know the results!?

Here are the correct answers to the questions from the quiz:

1) In what city did Hiddleston act as a weatherman on Fox News?
Chicago, IL

2) What did he wear in his ALS challenge video?
White tee shirt.

3) What did Hiddleston have to say about the James Bond rumors?
“Of COURSE I want the job, but I’m not prepared to say that out loud because it is not seemly.”

4) Who did Hiddleston write a fan letter to?
Joss Whedon

5) What character did Hiddleston appear as at Comic-Con 2013?
Loki from ‘Thor’

6) When is his birthday?
February 9

7) How many times has Hiddleston been voted Anglo Fan Favorite of the Year?

8) Which late-night host did he sing “I Saw the Light” with recently?
Stephen Colbert

9) How many Twitter followers does Hiddleston have?
2.73 million

10) Where does Hiddleston’s character John Pine work in ‘The Night Manager’?
A luxury hotel.

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By Brigid Brown