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We recently saw a headline announcing, “Tom Hiddleston really is everywhere.” Yes, yes, he is. And we love it. His biopic I Saw the Light just hit theaters, the film adaptation of J.G. Ballard‘s High-Rise will release on April 28, and we’re on the edge of our seats, looking forward to AMC’s The Night Manager, also premiering in April, on the 19th.

There’s no risk of overexposure because we can’t get enough of him. And that seems to be echoed in the comments section on Facebook with Anglophenia readers writing feedback like, “Awesome!,” “What, what, what, I haven’t seen this,” and “He is lovely,” in response to him popping up in a weather report.

He’s such a good sport and agrees to random requests, like performing a Disney song or doing a little dance, during media interviews. When he was approached by small children during filming on Crimson Peak, what did he do? He gave them a hug. The internet let out a huge “Aw” all at once.

It’s like Hiddleston was our secret for a while (which, we admit, might be a slight exaggeration), and now the world is learning about him. And when we say “our secret,” we mean the community at Anglophenia, which of course is made up of you guys.

Now that the secret is out, it makes us wonder, do you know Tom Hiddleston as well as you think you do?

You can find the answers to the quiz here

If for some reason you struggled with answering some of the questions, we will give you a wee hint: all of the answers can be found in earlier Anglophenia posts about Hiddleston.

That’s not cheating, right? You’re just catching up on some light reading.

Let us know how it goes and what your results are!

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By Brigid Brown