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Captain America: Civil War (Photo: Marvel)

Marvel fans have nothing to do but wait and twiddle their fingers before May 6, when it all kicks off in Captain America: Civil War. And as the title suggests this one is going to get nasty.

When an Avengers battle leads to tragedy, pressure is put on the government to make the superheroes accountable for their actions. This causes a rift between Steve Rogers (Captain America) and Tony Stark (Iron Man), each one taking a surprising stance on the need to be answerable for one’s mistakes, given their respective backgrounds and personalities. Their argument threatens not only the superhero team, but the future of all masked crime-fighting.

So, as a reward for fannish patience, here’s a version of the first trailer for the movie, painstakingly recreated using stop-motion animation and Lego.

Credit must go to YouTuber JimA73 for finding such a creative outlet for his/her/their excitement:

And here’s the actual trailer, just in case you need a point of comparison:

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By Fraser McAlpine