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The Doctor's faithful companions. L-R (top row) Jo, Jamie, Ace, Leela (bottom row) Sarah Jane, Susan, Romana I, Peri (Photos: BBC)

Whether they’re being called assistants, companions or even relatives, the people traveling aboard the TARDIS in classic Doctor Who have a few key roles they must fulfill or risk fairly unpleasant retributions.

They must question the Doctor’s wisdom at all times, lest he become overbearing and make arrogant mistakes; they must ignore his first advice whenever they arrive in a new place or risk following him around like an obedient puppy; and they must act like you or I would like to believe we’d be able to act, when faced with something that is not only terrifying, but has put us in such jeopardy there is no imaginable way out. That’s where the Doctor comes in.

But if you were in a classic Who story—”The Web of Fear,” say, or “Castrovalva”—how would you react? Would you start a row with the nearest alien invader or immediately get captured and have to get rescued?

Let’s find out, shall we?

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By Fraser McAlpine