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The duo Goodbye Pants sings a tribute song to Hugh Grant. (YouTube)
The duo Goodbye Pants sings a tribute song to Hugh Grant. (YouTube)
The duo Goodbye Pants sings a tribute song to Hugh Grant. (YouTube)

We’ve gone so far as to write love letter-like open declarations to some of our favorite British stars, pronouncing 10 reasons we love them, dedicated to actors like Alan Rickman, Helena Bonham Carter and Colin Firth, just to name a few.

The Norwegian comedy duo Goodbye Pants has gone a step further, writing a song, filming the performance, and even placing themselves in scenes with their beloved Hugh Grant.

Why Hugh Grant of all actors? The duo, made up of Stian Blipp and Anders Nilsen, told Norway’s, “We say, why would you NOT make a song about Hugh Grant?”

That answer makes complete sense to us.

If you didn’t know any better, you’d think the pair are actually sitting across from Grant, as seen in the below clip. You can tell they put a lot of heart into the writing of the song, with lyrics like, “And if I miss your face, I take a stroll through Notting Hill, write music and lyrics for you, just to give you chills. And even after nine months, I’ll still love you actually.”

The lines continue on like that, but they come across much better when sung to music, versus us writing them out.

This video really tickled our funny bone, particularly the scenes of Blipp and Nilsen gazing into Hugh’s eyes, and him gazing right back:

What do you think of Goodbye Pants’ adoration for Hugh Grant?

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