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The Masters (Photo: BBC)

The Master is one of the most rotten swines in the entire history of bad piggies, and that statement is just as true when he’s Missy. Everywhere he goes, trouble follows. Every person she comes into contact with, she either kills, manipulates, or taunts in an unpleasant fashion. Sometimes he changes everyone in the world to look like him; sometimes she makes Cybermen out of dead people. It’s a full-time job, being a universal rotter.

But she’s not without her good points (and neither is he). A fiendishly clever so-and-so, his relationship with his former best friend the Doctor is adversarial and riddled with fraternal rivalries, but there’s a lot of respect for his abilities, and she remains the other last of the Time Lords, so there’s a deep understanding there.

Of course, over the years, he (and she) has developed some personality quirks, but which quirks chime closest to your own? Which Master (or Missy) is YOUR Master (or Mistress)?

Let’s see, shall we?

Note: for the purpose of clarity, we’ve identified the Master—with the exception of Missy—by the actor who played him.

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By Fraser McAlpine