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Led Zeppelin (Photo: Evening Standard/Getty Images)

It’s a rite of passage for rock lovers everywhere, to listen to the four distinct strands of interwoven music from the hands of the four members of Led Zeppelin and wonder which one best represents your abilities and achievements (albeit on a dramatically enhanced level).

Are you a Jimmy Page, standing over a bubbling cauldron of riffs and picking only the most choice and tasty morsels to work up into a song? Or a Robert Plant, music geek and part-time golden god? Are you a John Bonham, master of controlled brutality on the drum kit and uncontrolled behavior elsewhere? Or a John Paul Jones, the quiet, unflashy personality that serves to make everyone else seem 1000% better at their jobs?

Well, now we can put this matter to rest, once and for all. Quizzical graffiti, anyone?

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By Fraser McAlpine