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Duran Duran (Pic: Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Any decent pop or rock band requires a strong alchemical reaction between its various members. You can’t have three or four (or five) people standing in a line, not only looking identical but also having broadly the same outlook on everything (unless you’re the Osmonds of course, and those guys can’t help their genetics). It’s no fun for the fans.

Duran Duran are a perfect case in point. Even with three of the band’s classic lineup sharing the same spelling of the same surname, there’s no danger of getting your Le Bons in a twist working out who is who. Each member’s look, attitude and temperament—from arty Nick to stoic Roger—is a unique factor in the band’s makeup and appeal.

In fact, you could go as far as to say the five members of Duran Duran form a decent spread of personality types, each representing key parts of the human psyche. And if you did, a personality quiz exploring that very idea would be the only sensible next step.

Shall we? Right you are, then:

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By Fraser McAlpine