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Out of the millions of Doctor Who fans, of course there are going to be cat lovers. Some viewers even love their cats as much as the Doctor (or the other way around).

In honor of International Cat Day (August 8), here are 10 fans paying homage to the Doctor in the most cat-tastic way:

1. “Doctor Who Blink Cat”
This cat must have watched the “Blink” episode on repeat. He moves just like an angel.

2. TARDIS Cat House
Who wouldn’t want to live in the TARDIS? This is the luckiest cat ever.

3. The Eleventh Doctor
This meme pays tribute to Matt Smith‘s coif.

4. Cat Collar
Your cat will love putting his collar on now. Collars are cool.

5. Cat Time Travels
This sonic-like toothbrush has a mystifying effect.

6. Cat Lookalike
It’s hard to tell who’s who in this side-by-side comparison.

7. The Cat Companion
Cats make great companions. The Eleventh Doctor is on to something.

8. Cat in a TARDIS Box
“If I fit, I sit.” Naturally, it’s bigger on the inside.

9. Cat in a Fez
The Doctor’s fez comes in cat size.

10. Doctor Mew 
Artist Jenny Parks pays the ultimate tribute by drawing each Doctor in cat form.

New Doctor Mew prints with the new Doctors are about to go to the printer! What do you think?

Posted by Jenny Parks Illustration on Wednesday, February 12, 2014

If the above weren’t enough, there’s an entire website dedicated to Cats That Look Like Doctor Who Characters.

Has your heart grown a little fuller? 

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By Brigid Brown