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The Sherlocks Holmes(es) (Pic: BBC/Miramax/ITV/Silver Pictures/CBS/20th Century Fox)

You’d think that there would be very little room for gradations of personality in a character as well-defined as Sherlock Holmes. He has his foibles—his violin, that stern intellect—and his inability to deal with people on a human level. Surely one Sherlock is just like any other?

Not according to the startling array of Holmeses that have flashed across the movie and TV screens over the past 100 years. There’s the fighty Holmes, the hawklike Holmes, the eccentric Holmes and the sexy Holmes.

The only question is, which one is your Holmes? Let’s take this quiz and find out:

Note: we have used no psychological science in creating this quiz, so do not be surprised if your deductions turn out to be different from ours.

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By Fraser McAlpine