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Harry, Hermione and Ron (Pic: Warner Bros)
Harry, Hermione and Ron (Pic: Warner Bros)
Harry, Hermione and Ron (Pic: Warner Bros)

The three heroic protagonists in the Harry Potter stories form a useful study for all aspiring writers in keeping your characters distinct. You’ve got Ron, the amiable chump who tags along with what his best friends are doing, sometimes making enormous sacrifices but always acting as a reality check for the other two. There’s Hermione, who is simply far too skilled a human being to have to bother much with being popular. She’s not easy company, but, my word, she’s useful in a tight spot.

And then there’s Harry, a decent person with average capabilities who turns out to be able to withstand all sorts of horrific experiences without going entirely mad, having been trained from an early age by his uncle and aunt. Each of them has admirable qualities and palpable flaws, which of course makes them all the more engaging as people.

The question is, which of them most closely matches your own personality quirks? Shall we take a quiz and find out? Well, all right then:

Note: we’ve used no magic and no muggle science in the creation of this quiz. If you’re sure you’re a Harry, and it turns out you’re a Ron, check your tea for polyjuice potion and then move on with your day.

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By Fraser McAlpine