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William Shakespeares (Pics: BBC/Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)
William Shakespeares (Pics: BBC/Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)
William Shakespeares (Pics: BBC/Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

Welcome to Doctor Who’s Day, a cornucopia of Gallifreyan gubbins and Time Lord things. And this week’s roundup commences with the exciting news that the face of William Shakespeare as Whovians know it—the one seen in “The Shakespeare Code” when the Bard of Avon met the Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones—has been proven to be uncannily accurate.

Take a look at the the picture on the right. That’s the newly discovered portrait of Shakespeare that historians believe was created during his lifetime. The only such portrait that is known to exist currently. It comes from the title page of the first edition of an Elizabethan book called The Herball, devoted to the study of plants.

To make matters more intriguing, the identity of the man in the drawing is thought to be hidden beneath a series of Tudor clues, including a cipher and visual hints at his play Titus Andronicus and poem “Venus and Adonis.” This hidden message—literally the Shakespeare Code—has been solved by historian Mark Griffiths, and it strongly suggests that this is Shakespeare in his prime, as he would have appeared had any time travelers come a-calling.

And yes, doesn’t he look a lot like Dean Lennox Kelly?

Here’s what else has been going on in space and time this week:

Doctor Who is arriving in India, which means they have the unique opportunity to start watching the last 10 years from scratch. Think of the things they will see, the heartbreaks still to come!

• And here’s some helpful hints as to what is on the way from seasoned Whovians:

You guys never let us down! Thanks for all your great top bits of advice for #NewToWho fans. Here are some of our favs so far 🙂

Posted by Doctor Who on Friday, May 15, 2015

• Buzzfeed have put together a pretty definitive list of Doctor Who locations you can visit, including the beach that was Bad Wolf Bay.

• This week’s Doctor Who: The Fan Show is concerned with everything we currently know about Season Nine. Don’t watch if you’re spoilerphobic:

• And here’s how you can tell your Doctor Who obsession is taking over everyday speech:

• The best Doctor Who-inspired marriage proposals (often involving actual Doctors).

David Tennant is set to to play the controversial ’60s psychiatrist R.D. Laing in a movie called Metanoia.

• 5 reasons why Osgood should be the next companion.

• Remember this?

• The Doctor paid a visit to the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff, stopping off to play with his original console and serve tea:

"One TARDIS tea and a Kronkburger with cheese, please…" – the Doctor Who Experience (and cafe!) had a surprise guest this weekend!

Posted by Doctor Who on Monday, May 18, 2015

• Never mind last week’s kerfuffle between David Tennant and Matt Smith at rival conventions, this moment from David’s Q&A with Billie Piper is all rather sweet:

• Wait… what?

No, Glasgow, no! #DoctorWho

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Arthur Darvill appeared in the trailer for the CW’s new series DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, as a wisecracking time-traveler:

• Oh, this is great. The BBC National Orchestra of Wales have a promo video that features some very familiar silhouettes:

• This is a nice moment:

• A brief look at the fluffiness of Karen Gillan’s daily life:

And another:

• Well, the last one got used up ages ago:

• And finally, did you know Ingrid Oliver and her comedy partner Lorna Watson once wrote a John Barrowman musical, as part of a John Barrowman skit starring John Barrowman for their BBC2 comedy show Watson and Oliver?

Here’s a backstage report, proving that Osgood’s Whovian credentials are not restricted to her character alone:


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By Fraser McAlpine