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Matt Smith, Alex Kingston and David Tennant (Pics: CelebConn)
Matt Smith, Alex Kingston and David Tennant (Pics: CelebConn)
Matt Smith, Alex Kingston and David Tennant (Pics: CelebConn)

Welcome to Doctor Who’s Day, a roundup of Gallifreyan things that have happened across the known universe over the past seven days.

And we start this week with news of a weekend rivalry that spanned two hemispheres of a planet called Earth.

It’s already been well established that Doctor Who actors have a lot of fun at conventions. Over the weekend, Billie Piper and David Tennant took part in a Q&A at Wizard World Comic Con in Philadelphia, while Matt Smith, Freema Agyeman and Alex Kingston were in Brisbane, Australia for the Whoniverse Five City Tour.

Somehow a note of friendly rivalry crept into proceedings, with David and Billie recording a special message for Matt, Freema and Alex, saying provocative things like “We’re killing it up here in Philly” and “I think they prefer us to you.”

To which Alex and Matt then sent a reply from a hall full of cheering fans…

…leaving David no choice but to try and bluff his way to victory:

Clips from David and Billie’s panel—streamed on Twitter—are sneaking out across social media, but this gives a flavor of the kind of fun they had:

And who could fail to be charmed by this amazing picture of Matt and Alex (and friends) at Australia Zoo?

I know, chuck on a fez, and it’s like Eleven and River on a nice day out, in between adventures.

Here’s what else is going on in space and time this week:

• Osgood is back! From the dead!
Doctor Who's Osgood (Pic: BBC)

• And she has company:

• And to celebrate her return and the return of the Zygons, we welcome an all-new official online series: Doctor Who: The Fan Show, presented by Christel Dee:

• But who IS Christel Dee?

• Here’s the TARDIS fact file on Zygons, so we’re all up to speed:

• Today is Catherine Tate‘s birthday! Here’s a gatheration of some of her best work to date, in an updated Life Outside the TARDIS.

Doctor Who fan Nick D. Clements spent a week building a TARDIS so he could propose to his girlfriend.

• Durham Police have had their lift doors decorated to look like the entrance to the TARDIS:

Jenna Coleman’s favorite childhood book:

• And here’s a brief interview with Radio Times in which she discusses her TV watching habits.

• Have you a spare half-hour? Here’s a sweet interview with Karen Gillan about growing up in Northern Scotland (among other things), as filmed by Inverness TV, her local online broadcast network.

• LOVE this Ninth Doctor painting:

• Season Nine includes an amount of goats.

Kidding around on set… How cute! #DoctorWho #BTS #behindthescenes #animals #goats #cute

A photo posted by Doctor Who Official (@bbcdoctorwho) on

• From Professor Quatermass to Morrissey, 10 intriguing roles that Matt Smith should play.

John Barrowman is back as Captain Jack. Or rather his voice is:

Captain Jack is back! Check out John Barrowman Official busting some moves during the recording of the new Torchwood…

Posted by Doctor Who on Thursday, May 7, 2015

• Marine biologists discover a creature that looks strangely familiar:

• A superb fan-art moment: the Second Doctor as Mickey Mouse:

• And finally, this is cute. A fan-made Who-ificiation of the opening credits to The Big Bang Theory:


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By Fraser McAlpine