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Keira Knightley's Benedict Cumberbatacch face (Pic: Radio Times)
Keira Knightley's Benedict Cumberbatacch face (Pic: Radio Times)
Keira Knightley’s Benedict Cumberbatach face (Pic: Radio Times)

We should all have seen this coming. If you call a movie The Imitation Game and it is not about people doing impressions of one another, entertainment journalists will take the opportunity in every promotional interview to start playing literal imitation games with the stars of the movie.

So yesterday it was Benedict Cumberbatch rattling through his best impersonations at a machine gun pace, today it’s Keira Knightley’s turn (with a little bit of help from co-stars Matthew Beard and Allen Leach). Having been asked a series of science related questions by the Radio Times, the signoff enquiry was a simple request: “do your best Cumberbatch”

And you’d have to say Keira’s judo-like trick of turning her opponent’s strength against her (or just asking her to do it first) was a stroke of pure cunning.

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By Fraser McAlpine