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Spot the Brit. (Twentieth Century Fox)
Spot the Brit. (Twentieth Century Fox)

The third installment of Night at the Museum, Secret of the Tomb, is led by American actor Ben Stiller, but our British friends are on deck to fill in the gaps with their supporting roles.

And, not to forget, a good portion of the film is set in London’s British Museum and Trafalgar square as seen in the trailer released in July. You can check out the trailer here. has a gallery of character posters, including Stiller, the late Robin Williams, Owen Wilson, and more.

We pulled out the Britished-up posters, which you can take a peek at below, kicking off with Ricky Gervais and Steve Coogan, who star in all three films:

(Twentieth Century Fox)
Gervais cleans up well as Dr. McPhee. (Twentieth Century Fox)
(Twentieth Century Fox)
Coogan has to share his poster, but he’s in good company. (Twentieth Century Fox)

And on to the new additions:

(Twentieth Century Fox)
Stevens takes on the role of the greatest, and worst, of King Arthur’s Knights. (Twentieth Century Fox)
(Twentieth Century Fox)
Sir Ben Kingsley hits up the screen as a pharaoh. (Twentieth Century Fox)

Bonus: Rebel Wilson, while Australian, plays a Brit, so we figured we’d sneak her character poster in here.

(Twentieth Century Fox)
Nice one, Wilson is a Bobby. (Twentieth Century Fox)

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb hits U.S. theaters on December 19.

Do the posters get you excited for the film’s release?

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By Brigid Brown