Who Wants To See Karen Gillan’s Hair Being Cut Off?

Karen Gillan's hair comes off (Pic: Vimeo)

Karen Gillan’s hair comes off (Pic: Vimeo)

Whoah horsey! It’s the internet, there’s plenty of room for all of you.

So hats (literally) off to Karen Gillan for allowing this particular video to see the light of day after more than a year. Over the weekend she put up a clip of the moment at which her hair was bound up and snipped off for her part as the nasty Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy.

As you can see, she’s in two minds about the whole thing—remarkably cheerful in the main, and yet also entirely freaked out:

Which makes two astonishing Gillan videos in the past few days, including her ice bucket challenge.

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