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English director Ridley Scott tackles the story of Moses, played by Christian Bale, and his rise against the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses (Joel Edgerton) in the forthcoming film Exodus: Gods and Kings, in U.S. theaters on December 12. Scott talks about taking on this epic tale in a behind-the-scenes video saying, “I wanted to explore the complexity of his character. I was stunned by the giant life-span story and what he went through. The idea that they were brothers, and then rivals, and then later they go to war with each other made it very interesting.” Bale is joined by fellow British actor Ben Kingsley, with the cast rounded out with American actors Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad), Sigourney Weaver (Avatar) and John Turturro (Fading Gigolo).

20th Century Fox gives us an advance look at the film with the below snaps:

Exodus, Christian Bale, Ben Kingsley
Let’s hope Christian Bale doesn’t get a God complex. (Scott Free Productions)
(Scott Free Productions)
It’s just like riding a bike … but, a horse. (Scott Free Productions)
(Scott Free Production)
Why can’t we all just get along? (Scott Free Production)
(Scott Free Production)
Exodus: Gods and Kings hits theaters on December 12. (Scott Free Production)

Do you have a favorite Ridley Scott film?

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By Brigid Brown