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Daniel Craig in 'Skyfall' (Pic: Eon Productions)
Daniel Craig in 'Skyfall' (Pic: Eon Productions)
Daniel Craig in ‘Skyfall’ (Pic: Eon Productions)

Frankly, this could all just be the kind of overexciteable hogwash you read when there’s a new installment from a beloved movie franchise on the way and it’s got a moveable feast of a cast and the possibility of a ton of extras and some of them will be wearing helmets and latex face-masks and all sorts.

There again, it’s quite compelling hogwash and we are rarely underexcited so let’s just assume that the reports in yesterday’s Sunday Sun (via the Mirror) are verified, true and accurate, and that Daniel Craig has successfully petitioned J.J. Abrams for a cameo role somewhere in the next Star Wars movie.

Of course, even if this turns out to be true (and let’s face it, if all the rumors about this movie were bang on the money there would be roles for Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston AND Simon Pegg), it’s not as if his is going to be a key moment: we won’t be able to spot who he is.

He could be a wookie or a stormtrooper or the inside of a droid or some strange tortoise-faced monkeyfish. But someone on the production team will tip the nod to someone who will tell someone who and eventually we’ll find out that the tortoise-faced monkeyfish next to the bee-faced zebragoat is actually James Bond. And we’ll all squint extra hard at the screen, and then make the universal wordless mooing noise that means “well I never!” and then get on with our lives.

Only to discover that the bee-faced zebragoat was Simon Pegg all along, and Benedict is hidden in a garbage chute around the corner.

Actually that would be rather good.

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By Fraser McAlpine