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UCLA Quidditch club member goes for the score. (Mudbloods)

The first Quidditch World Cup, a real sport based on the fictional Harry Potter competition, took place in 2007 between two U.S.-based schools, and has now grown to over 80 teams competing internationally, reports RadioTimes.

If you saw The Internship starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, you may remember the interns competing on the Quidditch field vying for employment at Google as seen in the below clip:

At first glance, you might think Vaughn, who wrote The Internship, made this up. He didn’t: this is a thing.

The forthcoming film, Mudbloods, documents the UCLA Quidditch team and their quest to compete in the World Cup IV in NYC, all the while attempting to gain the acceptance from other athletes on campus.

A team member explains in the documentary, “You get two questions: how does the Snitch work? And do you fly?” And the answer is: “You just gotta say, ‘Yeah, of course we fly.’”

The students in the film are extremely dedicated to their sport and their teammates, considering the group a family. They get that not everyone understands that it is real, but it is real to them.

The International Quidditch Society has a complete set of rules here. We told you, they take this seriously.

The Harry Potter fans are dreamers, living their dream, and as their coach points out, not everyone gets to do that, saying, “I think, you meet a lot of people in this world who had dreams, and didn’t chase them to the end, or even start chasing them.”

The co-ed contact sport is quite physical, being compared to rugby and American football. The players are seen taking hits and spilling blood (but no tears thankfully). These kids aren’t messing around and are out training on the track and field, as you can see in the below trailer:

The feature length film will be released in October 2014. You can make pre-orders via the movie website here.

Do you want to play Quidditch now?

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By Brigid Brown