WATCH: Delightful Fan-Made ‘Doctor Who’ Cartoon

The 'Doctor Who' cartoon by Stephen Byrne

The ‘Doctor Who’ cartoon by Stephen Byrne

Are Doctor Who fans the smartest and most creative of all fan groups in the world? Well even if that could be empirically proved to be the case, they’d be far to modest to admit it. That said, you have to admire the work that’s gone into this lovely animation, which asks the question “what if Doctor Who were remade as a Gravity Falls/Phineas and Ferb-style cartoon for younger children?”

And then answers it rather well.

The man we should all congratulate is Stephen Byrne, artist and Whovian.

Things to especially look out for:

• How Clara reacts to the Silence.

• The way the gallery of former Doctors moves from monochrome to color as we get to the Third Doctor, just as the original show did.

• Handles, from “The Time of the Doctor”

• Big tyrannosaur, just like in “Deep Breath”

• That little snippet of the proper Who theme at the end there, just to raise the hairs on the neck a little.

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