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Breaking news, read all about it: a cheeky spider has taken over the BBC Scotland newsroom. (BBC)

BBC Scotland anchor Graham Stewart was presenting during a morning news bulletin, but the cameraman was distracted by a spider, reports the U.K. Independent.

The BBC audience witnessed the cycle of life in real-time when the spider, magnified by the lens and appearing gigantic, inched from the corner of the screen, devouring its prey.

It’s quick, and not too traumatic, but definitely distracting from the morning update. We couldn’t even tell you what Stewart was presenting because the camera went off him, zooming in on the spider, leaving Stewart off-screen.

The morning news bulletin turned into a nature documentary right before our eyes.

You can check out the video below:

It turns out, according to The Independent, the newscast revolved around the chairwoman of the Aberdeen International Youth Festival resigning from her post.

Should BBC Scotland adopt the spider as its new mascot?

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By Brigid Brown