Benedict Cumberbatch: “Hello, is it Me You’re Looking For?”

Benedict Cumberbatch and his own face (Pic: Tussauds/Rex)

Benedict Cumberbatch and his own face (Pic: Tussauds/Rex)

Don’t worry, despite appearance this photo is NOT proof that Benedict Cumberbatch likes to remake Lionel Richie videos in his spare time, casting himself in all the lead roles.

He has recently been back to Madame Tussauds to check on the progress of his waxwork, and luckily someone was on hand to take pictures while he listened to music (again, NOT Lionel Richie, necessarily).

Like this one:

(Pic: Rex/Tussauds)

(Pic: Tussauds)

In other Benedict news, the National Theatre are said to be in early talks to bring Benedict’s Hamlet—directed by Lyndsey Turner—to cinemas worldwide as part of their phenomenally successful NT Live series. The production is running from August 6 until October 31 2015, and then the plan is to try and get the filmed version out to cinemas as soon as possible after that.

Benedict told the Mail: “I felt very strongly that as wide an audience as possible should have access to it.”

That won’t even be his only Shakespearian tragedy next year, as he’s also playing Richard III in the BBC’s sequel to The Hollow Crown.

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