WATCH: Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan in the Trailer for ‘The Fall’ Season Two

Gillian Anderson in 'The Fall'  trailer (Pic: BBC)

Gillian Anderson in ‘The Fall’ trailer (Pic: BBC)

Season One of The Fall was one of BBC2’s biggest success stories of 2013. A tense crime drama set in Northern Ireland, it stars Gillian Anderson as DS Stella Gibson, who has to try and find a manipulative and sadistic serial killer, the twist being we already know it’s Jamie Dornan (whose performance was BAFTA-nominated), and we get to see what he’s doing.

To make matters more tense, he knows she’s looking for him.

Here’s the trailer for Season Two. It’s tense:

This time, there are a luxurious six episodes on the way, some of which will feature Merlin star Colin Morgan as one of Stella Gibson’s colleagues on the force. And don’t worry if you’re new to all this, as the U.K. transmission date has yet to be revealed, there’s still time to go and check out Season One on Netflix.

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