WATCH: ‘Doctor Who’ Gets a Lego ‘The Day of the Doctor’ Remake

The Lego 'The Day of the Doctor'

The Lego ‘The Day of the Doctor’

Making Lego recreations out of iconic TV and movie moments is unlikely to get old any time soon, and when the results are as diverting as this five-minute romp through Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary special “The Day of the Doctor” that’s good news for everyone.

So a big slap on the back to bookshelfprodutions for making it and including all the Lego Doctors, even a Peter Capaldi with piercing stare and everything.

While we’re at it, there’s something I had not noticed before that has also been painstakingly recreated.


The Lego 'The Day of the Doctor'

Is not the back of THIS:

The Lego 'The Day of the Doctor'

The Eleventh Doctor arrives at the back, and then he’s suddenly at the front. Is that due to something we’ll have to call spacey-wacey?

The Doctors must have inverted that V formation after the First Doctor arrived at the back.

He probably made them do it too, the bossy old so-and-so.

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