WATCH: Robert Pattinson Sheds ‘Twilight’ Image, Looks to Guy Pearce as Career Role Model

Robert Pattinson at the photocall for 'Maps to the Stars' at Cannes. (Photo: Rex Features for AP Images)

Robert Pattinson at the photocall for ‘Maps to the Stars’ at Cannes. (Photo: Rex Features for AP Images)

Screaming fans greeted him when he arrived on the red carpet for Maps to the Stars, a dark twisted satire of Hollywood from director David Cronenberg. Robert Pattinson plays an aspiring actor and chauffeur. “It’s such an odd film,” Pattinson says, “I think it says a lot about how crazy actors are.”

He has a far more substantial role in The Rover, an dystopian Australian road movie, which also stars Guy Pearce. Pattinson is a big admirer of Pearce and how he’s sustained his career. “He gets to play complete character parts in every single movie and I think that’s the most fulfilling kind of career you can have,” he says.

Pattinson’s role in The Rover is quite different from what he’s done before: it’s very unlike the part he played in the Twilight films that made him an international star. The Rover has brought Pattinson some strong reviews in Cannes and admiration from his peers, who have been impressed by his acting. The British actor says: “You just try and work with clever people and people who are ambitious and people who know how to work.”

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