WATCH: Aaron Paul on ‘Breaking Bad’s Difficult Transition to British TV: ‘It’s So Surprising’

Aaron Paul celebration the BAFTA win of 'Breaking Bad' in London. (Photo: Jon Furniss/Invision /AP Images)

Aaron Paul celebrating the BAFTA win of ‘Breaking Bad’ in London. (Photo: Jon Furniss/Invision /AP Images)

The final season of Breaking Bad may have won the BAFTA for Best International Series on Sunday (May 18), but it’s easy to forget that the series, widely thought to be one of the greatest TV dramas America has ever produced, had a tremendously tough time getting picked up by a British broadcaster. It was acquired and cancelled by two British networks, FX and 5USA, before finally finding a secure home on Netflix U.K. Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman), who was on hand to chat with Anglophenia’s Al Moloney on the BAFTA TV awards red carpet, admitted he was a bit stunned that his show had such difficulty across the Pond.

Hear what the two-time Emmy winner has to say in our interview, in which he also talks about working with the “badass” Sir Ridley Scott on the Moses epic Exodus: Gods and Kings, set for a December release:

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