WATCH: 15-Second ‘Doctor Who’ Teaser Reveals August Return

Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. (Photo: BBC AMERICA)

Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. (Photo: BBC)

Ever since that heart-wrenching regeneration last Christmas, we’ve been waiting patiently for a tease at the new season of Doctor Who, the first starring Peter Capaldi as the Time Lord. While we’ve learned a lot about Season 8’s cast and crew, it’s what we’ve not seen that’s kept our curiosity high.

But today (May 23), we have our very first teaser, a spooky, atmospheric 15-second clip which provides us with very quick, shadowy, far-away glimpses of the Doctor, standing imperiously in a fiery TARDIS. And the teaser officially reveals that “the new Doctor lands on BBC AMERICA” in August. So there’s your cure for the summertime blues, people. Watch below:

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