LIKE, WATCH: OMG it’s Karen Gillan? In the ‘Selfie’ Trailer? #Wow

Karen Gillan, John Cho and co in 'Selfie' (Pic: ABC)

Karen Gillan, John Cho and co in ‘Selfie’ (Pic: ABC)

Be warned, should anyone be reading this while laboring under the misapprehension that Karen Gillan is an English rose, unspoiled by unladylike desires and poor lifestyle choices, this trailer may be a rather brutal way to have those preconceptions overturned.

I mean, yes, clearly this isn’t a documentary, it’s the trailer for her new ABC series Selfie, in which the social media obsessive Eliza Dooley is schooled in the ways of not-narcissism by Henry Higgins (played by John Cho).

Still the sight of Amy Pond carrying two dripping sickbags through an airplane is one that does linger in the mind somewhat.

That accent is going to take some getting used to, too…

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