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Doctor Who Season Eight Trailer (Pic: BBC)
Doctor Who Season Eight Trailer (Pic: BBC)
Doctor Who Season Eight Trailer (Pic: BBC)

Just think, a week ago we were celebrating Doctor Who’s BAFTA win having no idea of exactly when we’d get to see that blue box materializing again, or what would happen to the Doctor and Clara, given that the last we saw of them, they were crashing and the Doctor had forgotten how to fly.

And then, on Friday, this arrived:

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And now… well, all we really know from this is that the TARDIS is still on the fritz and the Doctor appears to be trying to ignore it. And that Doctor Who will be returning to TV screens in August. That’s just three months away. Barely time to prepare, really.

Here’s what else is going on in space and time this week:

Matt Smith told the Calgary Expo: “I love the idea of other Doctors coming back. Also that gives me the opportunity to come back, which I totally will by the way!

“I spoke to Steven [Moffat] the other day and said ‘What’s the quickest one we can do?’”

Frank Skinner, fresh from the announcement that he’ll be in Season Eight, has revealed the lengths he will go to in order to appear in his favorite TV show, including snubbing his own son, Buzz: “I’m afraid I’ve gone deep into bad dad territory, because in order to be in Doctor Who, one of the filming days is Buzz’s birthday. So I’m having to miss it.”

• Here’s a challenge; start watching this beautifully arranged twelve-minute summary of the whole of the last seven seasons of Doctor Who, and then just try and stop. It can’t be done:

Karen Gillan’s next movie project will be a western.

• And she is quick to credit Doctor Who with her current winning streak: “I didn’t really want to distance myself from Doctor Who, because it’s never hindered me, it’s helped me. I know for a fact that I’ve got offered roles because the directors are Doctor Who fans, so it’s not something I’m keen to shed.”

• Remember the trailer for Matt’s latest movie Lost River and his chant of “Look at my muscles”? Well someone has looped it and made it last an hour. AN HOUR THOUGH!

Note: that is a far easier clip to leave unfinished than the one above.

• Glaswegian synthpop band CHVRCHES are big fans of their hometown boy Peter Capaldi and are excited to see him play the Doctor.

• Unreality TV have a very interesting idea about Peter Capaldi’s Doctor somehow meeting himself, or someone (and someone else) that looks very much like him.

The Guardian have a roundup of all the British comedians that have appeared in Doctor Who over the years.

• This, from the ever wonderful Doctor Puppet:

• And this, to celebrate the life of Doctor Who scriptwriter, and creator of The Hitch-hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, Douglas Adams:


• We had our own celebration, listing a few ways in which the musings of Douglas’s sourest creation, Marvin the Paranoid Android, could be of use in day-to-day life.

• And finally, this may well be the finest musical grand finale Who’s Day has ever had. The Hillywood Show’s Tenth Doctor/Rocky Horror all-singing/all-dancing extrava-bonanza. It’s preposterously good:


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By Fraser McAlpine