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Members of England’s World Cup team show of the new uniforms. (Nike)

Who doesn’t love a man in white? Certainly British soccer fans–or football fans, if you’re from anywhere else but America–will soon be rooting for men wearing the palest of shades.

That’s because the new monochromatic uniforms, or “kit” as they’re called on the other side of the big pond, for England’s World Cup team feature white shirts, shorts and socks, decorated only with a blue and red team insignia (showing three lions emblazoned on a shield) and a blue Nike swoosh.

This year’s World Cup tournament will take place in Brazil, beginning June 12 and ending July 13. England plays its first match against Italy on June 14.

In a video posted by The Guardian, players including Daniel SturridgeSteven Gerrard and Joe Hart, show off the new togs:

If you hate the all-white uniforms, take heart. For away games, England’s team members will wear red jerseys, white shorts and red socks.

To make it all more confusing, the English team will wear both the home and the away outfits, though in separate games, while competing in Brazil.

The new outfits, revealed for the first time over the past weekend, are made by Nike and follow the dictates of FIFA, the international ruling body overseeing the World Cup. FIFA asked competing countries to select uniforms dominated by either a single light or dark color, thereby making it easier for referees to distinguish between teams.

The BBC site helpfully put together a nostalgic slide show of English uniforms from past World Cups. Click here to view it.

And for a more-than-you-ever-needed-to-know explanation from Nike of the new uniforms, including details of their design, fabric and even typography, click here.

How do you like the new uniforms?

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By Leah Rozen