WATCH: Arthur Darvill Sings ‘Let It Go’ With ‘Doctor Who’ Words

Arthur Darvill belting out his version of 'Let It Go' (Pic: BBC Radio 1)

Arthur Darvill belting out his version of ‘Let It Go’ (Pic: BBC Radio 1)

You have to hand it to Arthur Darvill, he’s game for some fun, especially when promoting his current West End run in Once.

So when handed a lyric sheet by BBC Radio 1 DJ Matt Edmonson and challenged to sing a tongue-in-cheek song about dealing with the pressures of Whovian fandom to the tune of “Let It Go” from the soundtrack of Frozen, what else could he do but comply?

And of course there was someone there to record the whole thing for posterity.

Here’s the clip, which gets a bit screechy at times, possibly because it’s still in the key Idina Menzel sings it in:

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