Benedict Cumberbatch’s In-Flight Magazine Gold Rush

(Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

(Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

So here’s a question I bet you never thought you’d find yourself being asked: how much would you pay for a photo of Benedict Cumberbatch standing on a frozen lake in Finland?

If the answer is upwards of $50, you’re in good company, because it seems the Cumberbatch Effect is now driving up black market prices of free in-flight magazines.

British Airways offer passengers a free read called High Life, intended to be looked at during the flight and then left behind when the plane touches down, ready for the next passenger to have a look at.

However, the April issue—which features Benedict in a front cover feature in which he goes on an ice-driving course with Jaguar on Lake Hämeenlinna in Finland—has been disappearing in remarkable numbers. And then appearing in eBay listings, some of which have climbed as high as £30!

(Pic: eBay)

(Pic: eBay)

Kerry Smith, High Life’s editor, told Metro: “We are thrilled with the response so far. We always strive to create the best-in-class content and Benedict Cumberbatch is quickly proving the most popular cover star we have ever had in our 41-year history.

“And that takes some doing thanks to a long line of British cover stars including Heston Blumenthal, Tracy Emin and Bradley Wiggins.”

To which I would respond: Heston Blumenthal may have a silly name, but he is no Benedict Cumberbatch.

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