WATCH: Karen Gillan In Spooky New ‘Oculus’ Trailer

Karen Gillan in 'Oculus'

Karen Gillan in ‘Oculus’

This might just be the BOOM!-iest trailer anyone has ever seen. If you want my advice—and you should, it’s good advice—don’t watch this with headphones on, the pneumatic shockwaves from all the BOOM!-ing may blow your skullcap across the room. With a BOOM!, naturally.

So, this is the full trailer for Karen Gillan’s new horror movie ‘Oculus’. Apart from all the endless BOOM!-ing there’s a bit where she tries to eat an apple and it ends badly, but otherwise it’s more worrying than it is disturbing, which of course means they left the really disgusting bits in the movie, for later.

Basically, this is a movie about catoptrophobia: the fear of mirrors.

Although I’d be giving apples a wide berth from now on too.

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