WATCH: Hugh Bonneville and Jessica Hynes Are Back In ‘W1A’

Jessica Hynes, Hugh Bonneville and co in 'W1A' (Pic: BBC)

Jessica Hynes, Hugh Bonneville and co in ‘W1A’ (Pic: BBC)

Tonight, the BBC in the U.K. are showing the first episode of W1A, the sequel to the hugely successful comedy mockumentary Twenty Twelve, starring Hugh Bonneville as the harassed executive Ian Fletcher, and Jessica Hynes as the remarkable PR guru Siobhan Sharpe.

They’ve moved on from preparing for the London Olympic Games, and have taken up residency in the BBC’s New Broadcasting House (the postcode of which begins W1A, hence the name). In keeping with the values of a freshly designed workspace in the midst of a publicly funded broadcaster, the first battle is to find a desk to work from as Ian takes up his post as Head of Values.

So this seems a perfect moment to show the two clips the BBC (the real BBC, that is) have released so far.

Here’s Hugh describing how Ian is fitting in to his new team:

And here’s the official trailer for W1A:

Great to see the corporation is in such safe hands, eh?

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