WATCH: Colin Firth In Longer Trailer For ‘Devil’s Knot’

Colin Firth in 'Devil's Knot' (Worldview Entertainment)

Colin Firth in ‘Devil’s Knot’ (Worldview Entertainment)

Last November, the first trailer was released for Atom Egoyan’s new homicide drama Devil’s Knot, which stars Reese Witherspoon and Colin Firth in a dramatic retelling of the story of the West Memphis Three.

It’s an emotive tale: three young men (played by James HamrickSeth Meriwether and Kristopher Higgins).in 1993 were convicted of the murder of three eight-year-old cub scouts, in what was widely reported at the time to have been a satanic ritual. Subsequently private investigators were able to pull apart the original prosecution case, but the presiding judge in their appeal, who freed them after 17 years in prison, did not overturn their convictions so they are not entitled to any form of compensation.

There have been four documentaries made about this case: Joe Berlinger’s Paradise Lost series, and Amy Berg’s West of Memphis, but this is the first dramatization. Reese plays the mother of one of the cub scouts, and Colin a private investigator trying to discern fact from fiction in a scared and angry community.

Now the film has been given a U.S. release date of May 9, and a second, longer trailer has been released:

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