Why Politics and Twitter Don’t Always Mix

David Cameron: That tea is about to be spat all over his screen (Press Association via AP Images)

David Cameron, a phone, the intenet and a soon-to-be-spluttered-all-over-the-desk cup of tea (Press Association via AP Images)

Social media is fun, isn’t it? You get to say stuff, other people get to reply, there’s jokes, repetition, snark and righteous fury in equal measure, and no matter how much you feel you are in control of a message, somehow it always gets biffed into a new shape.

And this is not something you can avoid if you happen to be in charge of the Twitter feed of a prominent politician—say the leader of a powerful nation, in talks about an international crisis—as the person running British Prime Minister David Cameron’s social media found out yesterday.

This tweet went up yesterday, to illustrate a firm hand in international affairs:

Which prompted the following response from the American comedian Rob Delaney:

  Which in turn led to this, from Sir Patrick Stewart:

And before you know it, a thing has been born, prompting all this:




And of course…

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