Personality Quiz: Which Famous British ‘Sir’ Are You?

HM The Queen knighting a fine fellow (Press association via AP Images)

HM The Queen knighting a fine fellow (Press association via AP Images)

People get knighthoods for all sorts of reasons: winning wars, running economies, making charities happen, but in showbusiness it seems you need to be a certain type of performer to achieve this most highly-ranked of accolades.

For starters, and there really is no way around this one at present, you need to be a man. You also need to be a singular presence at the top end of your field and you have to be the kind of person people believe worthy of such a high honor. This means you’ll have needed to have been a hot ticket for some years, and an inspiration to younger performers.

So, assuming you could manage to claw together most of these attributes, which of the current crop of celebrity Sirs are you most like?

There really is only one way to find out: with a quiz!

Note: the compilers of this quiz will not trouble future Honours Lists, particularly for their achievements (or lack thereof) in the field of applied psychology.

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