Personality Quiz: How Sarcastic Are You?

Is this the face of sincerity? (AP Images)

Is this the face of sincerity? (AP Images)

For years, Brits have stereotypically defined their sense of humor against that of people in the U.S. by smugly stating that Americans don’t ‘get’ irony.

This is bull.

If saying what you do not mean for comic effect—whether for the purposes of sarcasm, mockery, ridicule, scorn, sneering or scoffing—was incomprehensible in America, how do you explain Chandler Bing in Friends? Or the wise-cracking movie comedies of Billy Wilder? Or gangsters in movies sitting around in their finery, breaking each other’s balls? Or, y’know, comedy?

Make no mistake, while the Brits possibly see sarcasm as more of an honorable pastime than Americans do, it’s by no means absent from American life. And if sarcasm truly is the lowest form of wit, it’s still pretty good compared to no wit at all.

So, here’s a quiz to put this assumption to the test. It’s a really, really good quiz. Not just entertaining, but profoundly moving too.

It is, in fact, the finest quiz on the entire internet:

Note: no psychology has been used in the creation of this quiz.

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