Joan Collins Repeats The Ellen Oscars Selfie For Britain

Joan Collins and friends (Rex Features via AP Images)

Joan Collins and friends (Rex Features via AP Images)

See this picture? You may as well get used to it because scenes like these, where a bunch of celebrities cramfacedly squish together in front of a smartphone screen are going to be a red carpet staple for the rest of the year.

It’s all Ellen Degeneres’s fault. After her selfie stunt at the Academy Awards a week or so ago, the internet has been doing what the internet does—repeating a popular thing with minor variations—and that gave Joan Collins the idea to try a repeat performance using British stars at this week’s Prince’s Trust awards.

She managed to rope in international stars like Sir Ben Kingsley, Dominic West and Jeremy Irons, as well as more locally-known faces, such as Jools Holland, Phillip Schofield, Gabby Logan and Pixie Lott.

Here’s her shot:


Sadly (but probably with great foresight) Prince Charles, who had been standing with the celebrities only seconds beforehand, was not available for the scrum.

We should of course be grateful that the stars in question are even this well known. The next awards ceremony super selfie will almost certainly include people whose own families would find it tricky to pick out.

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