Brits on a Fast Track: Dominic Cooper and Imogen Poots Star in ‘Need for Speed’

Dominic Cooper and Imogen Poots at the premiere of "Need For Speed" in Los Angeles on March 6. (Photo: John Shearer/Invision/AP)

Dominic Cooper and Imogen Poots at the premiere of “Need For Speed” in Los Angeles on March 6. (Photo: John Shearer/Invision/AP)

This weekend’s most hyped new movie, Need for Speed, features two fast-rising British stars in prominent roles, though only one speaks with an English accent in the 3D, vroom-vroom street racing drama.

London-born Imogen Poots (Filth and Fright Night) gets to stick with her native accent in playing a woman who knows her way around a souped up car engine. But Dominic Cooper (Mamma Mia and Captain America: The First Avenger) represses his natural accent to play Dino Brewster, the movie’s sneering, tough guy, American villain.

Need for Speed, which is based on a popular video game, opens Friday, March 14.

The movie stars Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul in the lead role. He plays an ex-con seeking to win a major car race against a nasty rival–that would be Cooper–who earlier had framed Paul’s character. Need for Speed required all three actors to get behind the wheel, drive fast and execute various fancy maneuvers, which was especially tricky for Poots, who didn’t know how to drive.

The movie will appeal to motorheads and to action fans who’ll likely appreciate a couple of excellent, daredevil stunt sequences. For most moviegoers, though, neither the showy cars nor the non-stop screeching wheel action will be enough to make up for a pedestrian script and lackluster characters.

So how is Cooper’s American accent? Not bad but, truth be told, a tad inconsistent.

Check out the movie’s trailer:

And here’s Cooper talking recently about making the movie and why he took the role–“I couldn’t possibly ever even not think about doing a film that involved driving high performance sports cars!” he says–with an interviewer from The Showbiz 411:

Poots, too, has been making the publicity rounds for the film. Here’s an interview in which she says the draw for her to the film was reuniting with Paul, with whom she previously had acted in the British indie, A Long Way Down (which opens in the U.K. on March 21 but as yet has no American release date):

Do you want to see Need for Speed?

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